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List Of Forex Brokers

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Welcome to List Of Forex Brokers Table by Zvezda Geek Team, here we set all Forex Brokers from around the world and we do our best to update it daily.

Note: N/A mean “Not Available / Not Answered”, we would like to let you know that some info here we can not grab it from brokers and that because Zvezda Geek Team can not find it by themselves or it’s not set in brokers websites. Brokers contact us with the missing info’s here and we set it after we check them info’s. “Necessary to note from our side so as not to be underestimated rights of others”

Now, we will discuss the header of the List Of Forex Brokers Table and you can jump to the table by clicking here. We will explain the contents of the table as follows:

{Brokers} / {Minimum Deposit} / {Bonus} / {Maximum Leverage} / {What is Spread On Majors?} / {Regulation} / {Platform} / {Mobile Application} / {Rating} / {Review}.


The logo of the brokers is very important because about 99% it’s Trade Mark logo, that mean, no one can use it without permission, but scams will be always around us, so please be careful. Note: colors are important but some brokers use different background and keep the body of logo as it’s, like Easy-Forex, them logo is the same but the use many backgrounds like red as in table below and also, blue and white.

Minimum Deposit

Brokers set the minimum amount of money that you will pay it when you open account with them and it’s not the same in all brokers.


Almost all brokers offer bonus money when you opens real account with them and it’s not the same in each broker and also not the same with all accounts, “Example: Basic account = 30% / Bronze account = 50% and etc..”. Please note for bonus policy because it’s different from broker to broker. We Love to let you know the secrets,Negotiate BONUS” Yes, you can have your own bonus by negotiate the brokers after opening your account.

Maximum Leverage

It’s the maximum size that brokers allow you to trade with. In another words it’s, exceed or even approach the point of maximum leverage may be an untenable situation for traders, since a small price movement can quickly wipe out the entire amount of equity in the trading statement. Example: Brokers set max leverage as 200:1 and your margin deposit is 5,000$, that mean you can trade up to 1000,000$ “Yes 1 Million”.


What is Spread On Majors?

First, keep in mind that within the Forex markets investors trade one currency for an additional. Therefore, currencies are quoted in terms of their value in another currency.

In order to specific this info simply, currencies are perpetually quoted in pairs (e.g. USD/CAD). The primary currency is termed the base currency and therefore the second currency is termed the counter or quote currency (base/quote). For instance, if it took CAD1.20 to buy US$1, the term USD/CAD would be 1.2/1 or 1.2. The USD would be the base currency and therefore the CAD would be the quote or counter currency.

Now that we all know however currencies are quoted within the marketplace, let\’s explore however we are able to calculate their spread. Forex quotes are perpetually supplied with bid and ask prices, the same as what you see within the equity markets. The bid represents the worth at that the Forex market maker is willing to buy the base currency (USD in our example) in exchange for the counter currency (CAD). Conversely, the ask price is that the price at that the Forex market maker is willing to sell the base currency in exchange for the counter currency. Forex prices are perpetually quoted using 5 numbers; thus, for this example, as an instance we have a tendency to had a USD/CAD price of 120.00 and an ask of 120.05. Thus, the unfold would be adequate to 0.05, or $0.0005.


It’s Certificate / License that broker have it. Each Regulation means that broker meet the needs of regulation and sometimes Brokers be late to have his regulation because it’s specific things such as Local Office, etc…



Here we would like to mention that all brokers have a web platform and it’s natural thing but after Forex Market becomes more popular and Profitable, brokers set more strong platforms that have tools make your trade more powerful to make more money, such as MetaTrade 4 & 5, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and etc…

Mobile Application

When you can see Mobile sign in broker row, that mean the broker offer mobile application, sure it’s something raise the final rate and it’s make you more free as you can trade on the go.


This rating set by Zvezda Geek Team and it’s based on every things above and from our experience we see that each broker has a strength advantage here and has the advantage of weakness there, so, check and search for what match your needs.


Zvezda Geek Team set reviews for all brokers and when there is no review button, that mean we work on it, also if you need to set review for broker that not set here, just contact us with website URL and we will set it for you, contact us page here.

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