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How to Add Classified Ad on Ads Zvezda Geek

How to Add Classified Ad on Ads Zvezda Geek

Add Classified ad in ads.zvezdageek.com it’s so easy, as Free or Paid. Here we will show you how to add your ads, just follow steps below:

First Step: Log-in / Register:

As usual, you need to log-in or register your new account and steps to register is very simple, just insert your user name and valid email and password “Please keep email info in secret file”.

After above small step you will need to click on “Submit Listing OR Add Listing Free”, then you will go to Per Listing Packages Page. In this page you will have to choose your Classified as “Free, Highlighted, Front Page or Top Category”, you will find information’s about each Listing in Listing Packages Page.

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Now, let’s move forward to adding Classified ad and we will set Free ad, and Paid ad got same step but after you set the ad you will need to pay for it to be live.

Note: Free ad go live after you check “I agree to the website terms and conditions” and click on save listing and Paid ad go live after you complete your payment right away.

Before you add your Classified ad, remember that you need Clients, Leads, email signups and etc… so please make your marketing message clear and eye catch. You can find help in How To Write Classified Ads.

First Section: Listing Description

Title: In this section you will need to add Title for your ad and it’s the most important thing because with your Title, you will get Free visitors from Search Engines, so make it Natural and also as your Keyword niche market.

Description: here your full message will set, make it normal “Not too short or too long” and note that you can add photos here but it’s not the main image, so make it small to rich you Description. For your safety, do not insert phone number as personal to avoid spammers, “check Content Policies here“.

Keywords: As title, it’s important also, and set your Keywords to catch visitors from our search engine and also from international search engines.

Second Section: Listing Category

Here you can choose your ad category and to make it easy for you and for not spamming peoples, you can set your ad in two categories, but please be gracious and try to set it in One Category.

Third Section: Listing Attachments

In this section you can add Photos for your ad and also feel free to add jpg/.gif/.png/.pdf/.flv/.mp4/.mp3

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Note: Do not add big files to make your ad go live and for not force us to delete your ad and if it’s happen again we maybe banned your account, remember that your ad is set to convert it to your needs and goal.

Fourth Section: Listing Details

You can add your details as below:

Deal Status: Choose the ad condition “Great value, New, etc..”.

Website: Set you URL link here and if you use ugly URLs or affiliate one, just short in tinyurl.com or in bit.ly “Do not forget to test your links after set ad”.

Price: and price mean money that you will have it after or before you offer you product, service, etc.. Note: 0 = Free “Do not loose clients by add wrong price”.

Youtube Video: we make it easy, set your Youtube Video URL and we will embed it for you in your add “URL only“.

Details Area: it’s extra for you to add more details but in Details Area tab only, set some thing like how you shipping stuff, when client will get course and etc..

Fifth Section: Listing Location

It’s important to add correct address for your ad, it’s for clients and also here, our search engine will ignore your ad if your ad without Listing Location.

After last above step and as free ad you can push it up by using Listing Enhancements “in Left side” and after that, take a look to your ad and if every thing OK, just check I agree to the website terms and conditions and click on save listing and allow minute or more to see your ad live. For Paid ad, you will redirect to page have Make Payment button to pay for your Listing and when you finished payment step, your ad will be live.

Wish all luck for you and remember to add many ads but with different titles, description, keywords and etc.. to increase your chances.

ads zvezda geek

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