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Unotelly Review

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According to our experience with UnoTelly we can rate them 9 / 10 and also we recommend them for anyone need services like UnoTelly.

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Zvezda Geek Team welcomes you to Unotelly Review. As you can see our website have many sections and basically it’s depend on content and sure when some one provide content like us, she/he will need to follow all news, programs, TV Shows and so on to have fresh feeds and ideas. For that we decided to join Online Service which provide access to foreign and worldwide TVs Channels. From our experience we know that any service(s) in the internet have Free providers and Paid providers and we start with free add-on and programs, sure free things are good but we faced many problems start with spam ads in browsers and till Pop Ups ads through our PCs & Laptops. Zvezda Geek websites work through VPS server depend on Bluehost services and because of that we know that any heavy work need strong provider and when we faced spam ads and our PCs be very slow because we installed Free add-on to access TVs online, we decided to delete all of them and search for respectable online TVs service provider, sure there are many providers in the internet but we joined UnoTelly.

UnoTelly worked well with us and till today it’s very good service and stable also, for that we like to share our experience with UnoTelly with you, maybe our review save your valuable time and let you invest in good service, let’s begin together the review.

UnoTelly Introduction

UnoTelly is that product that has been making ripples within the tech-industry. This product is presented by ‘UnoDNS’ guaranteeing a high-speed media streaming in spite of wherever you’re. This nice product is capable of transcending the tight boundaries of geographical locations by providing an incredible and easy expertise of streaming on-line TV. So far, it absolutely was either inconceivable or extraordinarily difficult to access Worldwide TV channels, however with this dynamic DNS service, impossible simply became possible. In spite of wherever you’re existing and regardless of what device you uses, you will get pleasure from unlimited channels with an help of UnoTelly.

What is UnoDNS?

UnoTelly’s – UnoDNS is a DNS primarily based service to access Geo-restricted channels (also mentioned as SmartDNS). That means, whereas sitting and browsing in Asia, you’ll be able to read American and European internet TV and video-on-demand channels by simply transposition your DNS settings. There’s completely no have to be compelled to install a VPN service. It additionally suggests that you’ll be able to stream directly from the video supply, using your full network bandwidth, because the VPN server speed is not any longer a bottleneck. Neither exists the needs or overhead of a VPN, which implies connectivity turnout is most and you’ll be able to stream channels unrestricted on your PC, Smart Phone, Tablet, Set-Top box, Smart TVs and a gaming console. The absence of a VPN frees you from having to take a seat ahead of a laptop and slouch ahead on a hand-held to look at content as any device that enables you to line DNS settings manually can work with this service. UnoDNS is an implementation of what we named SmartDNS.

Most streaming media suppliers have region-level blocks and don’t check the supply address. A DNS server will organized to return totally different IP addresses [IP mean Internet Protocol – more info here] for constant host-name relying upon the originating resolution query. Once the query and therefore the supply of the query are matched against the information, it returns an IP address matching the needs. As an example, a CDN [CDN mean Content Delivery Network – more info here] can return the IP address of the nearest cache to the visitor. For streaming suppliers, it’ll return an IP address of the acceptable streaming server if the visitor belongs to it region. If the visitor is outside the allowable region, it returns another IP address that accepts connections solely to inform the visitor that the content isn’t obtainable. Since it’s entirely handled by DNS, the individual streaming servers don’t check the location of the visitor and start streaming.

UnoDNS resolves the proper streaming servers relying upon what region you select, while not giving your default DNS server to auto-detect your region and block you out. As long as IP addresses of the USA region servers are being resolved, you’ll be able to view anything within the USA whereas you browsing from elsewhere.

Coming to IP address based mostly server-level blocking, this could be solve by proxy. This implies UnoDNS showing intelligence resolves, sure channels streaming server IP addresses to a number of the proxy servers they run, so bypassing Geo-restriction by masking your request with a US or kingdom IP address. This makes a VPN gratuitous as a result of the minimum re-routing that’s required is finished by DNS and rest of the information is streamed at full speed to your device and there’s no overhead and latency problems you’d usually face with a VPN. Furthermore one will access multiple regions that method. With a regular VPN, you’ll be able to solely view the channels within the region wherever the VPN connection exits to the online.

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What is UnoVPN?

UnoVPN is that the good-and-trusty old VPN service to bypass Geo-restriction. It has own importance once it involves browsing in places wherever censorship prevails or protective sensitive info from obtaining leaked in unsecured networks in cafes or hotels. Additionally websites that block users by IP addresses or need a US or UK and Northern Ireland primarily based IP address to perform an action, will solely be circumvented by a VPN. A plain VPN service solely permits you to access the region wherever the VPN terminates.

UnoVPN has gateways to the US, UK and Canada over PPTP and OpenVPN. The guide to line up the VPN may be found here. UnoTelly claims that they keep logs of log in, log out and bandwidth usage of users and don’t log anything. The US entry doesn’t allow P2P applications. There aren’t any different restrictions.

The VPN is just about rock solid and stable for hours and hours of use. However, we feel the bandwidth might have been a little better. Normal videos and audio stream fine however HD videos have to be compelled to wait to buffer up and we guess it’s normal with low ADSL service. According to our needs, we set independent place for UnoTelly with independent ADSL line with 1 miga bites and it’s work fine, sure you can wok with 512 Kilo bites ADSL line because you will use in your home, anyway, we believe that if you need good and stable service, do not load / open a lot of things through your internet line. Aside from that the VPN service is far better and cheaper than the other service we’ve used, not to mention, there aren’t any restrictions on what applications you’ll be able to use.

We have additionally detected that the advantages of UnoDNS can be skilled on UnoVPN if your VPN client enables you to set custom DNS servers rather than using the default ones. Therefore even with a VPN, you’ll be able to view most of the regions and not only the region wherever the VPN terminates.

Money Back Guarantee

UnoTelly offers a 100% money back guarantee, it becomes easier for the UnoTelly to win the users confidence and on the far side any understandable doubt. People who are keen on keeping themselves updated with worldwide news and who have an interest in international cinema and art would really notice subscribing the package offered by UnoTelly definitely worth the cash.

Note: the 100% money back guarantee work for first 7 days when you join UnoTelly service, so set your devices and internet line before you join UnoTelly, some times, the problems come from your side.

Pricing and Subscription Choices

UnoTelly offers 3 packages:

  • Free Trial: For 8 days of UnoDNS premium.
  • Premium Plan: [UnoDNS], It’s cost $3.94 / MO when you join the service for one year [12 months] and regular price is $4.95 when you join month by month.
  • Gold Plan: [UnoDNS + UnoVPN], it’s cost $4.93 / MO when you join for one year and regular price is $7.95 / MO.

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Available Devices

UnoTelly support many devices and almost all devices will be in UnotTelly, check them below:

  • Computers: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Mac OSX.
  • Mobiles: iPad / iPhone / iTouch / Android (4.0 and above) / Android (lower version) / Amazon Kindle fire HD / Sonos.
  • Gaming: Nintendo Wii / Nintendo Wii U / Sony Playstation 3 / Sony Playstation 4 / Xbox 360.
  • Home Devices: Apple TV (iOS 5.1 and above) / Apple TV (lower version) / Boxee box / Chromecast / Dynex Blu-Ray Player / Google TV (3.2) / Google TV (2.1) / LG Smart TV / Amazon Fire TV / LG Smart TV Upgrader box / Now TV box / Panasonic TV / Panasonic Blu-Ray Player / Roku (US) / Roku (UK) / Samsung TV / Samsung Blu-Ray Player (Smarthub) / Samsung Blu-Ray Player (Non-Smarthub) / Sony Bravia TV(EU) / Sony Bravia TV (NA) / Sony Blu-Ray Player (EU) / Toshiba TV / Toshiba Blu-Ray Player / Western Digital TV Live / Nexus player.
  • Routers: Actiontec R1000H / Apple Airport / Apple AirPort Extreme / Apple Time Capsule / Asus / Asus-DSL / Belkin / Bell 2Wire 2701 Modem / Bell Cellpipe ALU 7130-N Modem / Bell SpeedStream 6520 modem / Buffalo / Cisco-Linksys / DD-WRT / D-Link / Netgear / Siemens Gigaset SE567 / TP-Link Router / URoad Home & URoad-9000 WiMax.

Customer Care

UnoTelly has a giant and elaborate knowledge-base that covers each potential question you may have. For us, reading the knowledge-base has helped us established the service swimmingly, while not asking anyone for support.

On the other hand, UnoTelly offer contact us page with professional contact form to include your issues in it to help support team to know your problem better to can offer the right solution for you.


UnoTelly has impressed us with each UnoDNS and UnoVPN. each of them work as advertised and with none hiccups. Netflix, City TV, BBC iPlayer, Spotify and Pandora have streamed swimmingly for as long as we even have tested UnoDNS.  UnoVPN has let us access and transfer apps from the US Play Store and access websites restricted to US citizens.

The DNS service is pretty instant to retort to changes made within the generator panel and therefore the DNS response itself is incredibly low (~ 8ms). The VPN is rock stable and consistent however the speed issue must be sorted out.

According to our experience with UnoTelly we can rate them 9 / 10 and also we recommend them for anyone need services like UnoTelly.

At the end, we hope our review clear all info’s for you and wish happy time for you and your family when you watch yours favorite programs, now, visit official website of UnoTelly, click here.

What is your opinion about UnoTelly after reading my review? Did you joined / tried UnoTelly service? please share your opinion in comment box below.

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