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PremiumPress offer many niche themes and whatever is your market you can find it through 15 themes and if you know about designing and programing.....

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Zvezda Geek Team welcomes you to PremiumPress Review. This review is honest review because we own PremiumPress Themes and we joined “PremiumPress VIP Club”, that mean, we have authority to download all themes and also access to all new themes. Please check content box below, let’s start the review.

PremiumPress Introduction

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PremiumPress started by Mark Fail which he is Programing. Mark Fail start programing career with his company called “eMeeting Ltd” and seemingly this company was provide only Dating Theme and we guess that he succeeded with eMeeting Ltd company and for that he decided to improve his work and provide more themes.

Mark Fail established eMeeting ltd on 2003 and shut it down on 2009, then established Premium Press Limited on 2009 till now. Premium Press basically provide 15 Themes and each theme specialized in a specific market and this gives you great strength because these markets have a great affinity to the Internet and are popular.

Premium Press Main Themes are: Business Directory, New Business Directory, Micro Jobs, Digital Downloads, Directory, Coupon, Real Estate, Video Sharing, Classifieds, Shopping Cart, Auction, Music Community, Price Comparison, Car Dealer, Job Board and Dating.

PremiumPress Platform

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As we mentioned before, we are VIP Club member, so we can work on all themes and we noticed that about 85% of admin panel is the same in all themes, for that, info’s below can be applied to all themes.

After you finished the money transfer process, you will be allowed to log in to download area and start work with your theme. You need to click on “Stable Theme Download” to download all theme files and next step is to upload this .rar file to your hosting plan.

PremiumPress Themes works on WordPress Publishing Platform, so you will need to install and run WP first to let PremiumPress Themes works fine.

If you are new in installing WP and Themes, PremiumPress set Video Tutorials Section and Theme Documentation Section to help member to install WP and Themes in easy ways. Sometimes you will need to save your time and for that PremiumPress offer “Installation Only” package, cost 15$ to install and run you website, otherwise you can check Fiverr WordPress Services to find someone to install and run your website for just 5$.

PremiumPress set Video Tutorials and this videos will show how to deal with each section in each theme and as we said the platform is the same in all themes. SO, we will review in each section in theme to let you know more about it and sure we will set our opinions, let’s move forward.

PremiumPress General Setup Section

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Difficulty: Easy.

When we bought our membership package, this section was good and have many features but latest update version “Version 8.2” make this section is as Super Man, Why?!

First of all, we get updates FREE each time PremiumPress update them themes, which it’s not available in others who made New Theme at all, to buy the theme again, but here it’s free and lifelong.

Second, they set powerful tools to improve your work with little clicks, Let’s explain this section below.

General Settings: Here you will set options like: Logo, Welcome Text and also set your main description our you welcome message, plus, you can set “No Image Icon” for listing without feature image.

Page & Button Links: You will create pages for member to can work in easy steps, like: My Account, Add Listing and so on.

Mobile Display: NEW Tool” It’s super tool because you will set Mobile Website Design for mobile visitors only, it’s save some money if you can not set your mobile app. [You can check Mobile App services on Fiverr]

Footer & Analytic: Here set Tracking Codes and social accounts URLs.

My Account Page: Just choose which options you need to allow members to use them or not.

Add Listing Page: Same thing here, make some options On/Off for members when they set them listing.

Search Results Page: Set how many listing will appear in search results.

Listing Page: Options here not a big deal but be-careful when you set them, like “Allow Claim Listings”, it’s let other members to claim listing as they the real owner of product / service.

Star Rating Settings: It’s include some options related to rating display type “Star, Thumbs Up / Down, and so on.

Feedback Settings: New Tool“, another great tool which it’s allow members to leave feedback about other members listings and also it’s have Trust Bar, we loved.

Breadcrumbs: It’s Breadcrumbs display option, and it’s useful when you make all options be ON.

GEO Locations/ Maps: New Tool“, We “as all PremiumPress members” asked many times for this option and they did it for us. This option will let visitors to share them GEO location and after them choose, this tool will redirect them to them Country listing ONLY, it’s very good for users to search for products / services in them own country and also will increase successful trades through your website. “Visitors can choose another country by click on Change Location Button”.

Misc: Set navigation display options and Addthis.com info’s.

PremiumPress Page Setup Section

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Difficulty: Average.

This sections is very deep, because here you will choose and set the layout for each page in website and how it’s will appear for visitors.

In General Layout Tab, you will set: Home Page, Search Results Page, Listing Display Page, Normal Page, Callback Page and Footer “footer appears in entire website”..

In Home Page Tab, you will set the tabs will show in home page only and it’s have a variety of options, it’s related to you.

In Content Pages Tab, you will set the layout for: Search Results Page, Callback Page, Listing Page and Print Page. It’s some difficult to set this options but it’s not related to theme options, but it’s need to test and try many options till you find the good layout that fits your needs.

PremiumPress Language Setup Section

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Difficulty: Average.

PremiumPress offer English Language with them themes and if you need to add new language, you will to translate it in this section. From our experience you can translate text in this section in about 1.30hr and if you know how to translate language.php file, it’s will take same time.

Extra Tips:

We tried to translate English php file to China and Japan languages and the results was so bad and the super thing is to translate it in admin panel “Language Setup Section”.

You can use  WP Multisite option to create other languages websites under your main domain or sub-domain and you will create only one database for all website.

You can use Fiverr to find someone finish all work for you and save your time, we guess that this skill could be find in Programming / Tech section.

PremiumPress Design Setup Section

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Difficulty: Easy.

PremiumPress set default colors for theme and also you can add / edit colors and also there is Custom Meta Data tab that’s allow you to add codes from your side to edit any appearance in theme.

PremiumPress Email Management Section

Difficulty: Easy.

This section worth a lot of money. Email management section let you create emails to each process starting from: Welcome Email, New Listing, Email Subscription, Listing Expiry Emails, Membership Expiry Emails, Admin Emails and Orders.

PremiumPress Listing Setup Section

Difficulty: Easy.

This section is pivotal because in it you will set Listing Packages and Membership Packages features.

A lot of members confuse about this section and they think that they should create Listing & Membership Packages, but you are free to set both of them or one of them. “We use Listing Packages”.

PremiumPress Advertising Section

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Difficulty: Easy.

Whatever you use outsourcing ads unite or you will set your own ads banners, you will find that the PremiumPress provide you with all best places to set your ads and catch your visitors eye.

PremiumPress Order Manager Section

Difficulty: Easy.

It’s another pivotal section because from this section you will manage your money which it’s related for orders, withdrawal and also you can offer discount coupons. PremiumPress set plugins for this section to make our work easy, you can setup PyaPal, Payza, Skrill, Stripe, 2Checkout and many others payment gateways.

Note: PremiumPress release continuously new versions and you should update theme with new theme files and before you did it, remember to backup image folder “img” first because it will deleted old files.

PremiumPress Prices

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PremiumPress Offers Two Packages:

Theme Package: in this package you will have only one theme and any theme cost 79$, you will have one theme plus 10+ Child Themes and full theme updates.

VIP Club Package: this package cost 249$ and you will have full access to all theme “15 Themes” plus 80+ Child Themes and Full Updates & Support and you can download PSD Files.

Zvezda Geek Coupon: If you looking for VIP Club Package you can use our link to have 50$ discount, click here.

Refund: You have full freedom to return your money at any time within 30 days from the day of purchase.

PremiumPress Customers Services

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You can contact them through many ways, they offer Technical Support and live chat. When we joined them, they was offer support phone number and nowadays we can not find it, really, we don’t why they removed.

There is also Forum, the forum is very helpful and we faced many problems with themes and check forum first to see if other members have the solution and about 80% of problems have many ideas to solve it.

Technical Support: we contact Technical Support just one time because we can not edit some colors in our Free Classified Ads website and they mentioned that we can add custom codes in Design Setup Page and add codes in Custom Meta Data, it’s worked good but we prefer to do everything in one please.

Live Chat: It’s not available for support but it’s work for sales.


Content Table
PremiumPress offer many niche themes and whatever is your market you can find it through 15 themes and if you know about designing and programing, the PSD sources will help you to add / edit your theme anytime.

Admin Panel looks great and have many tools will make your job work on Autopilot. There is some difficult when you deal with admin panel but this occurs the first time when dealing with tools but then it becomes easy. We recommend to watch video tutorials.

Prices seem appropriate for this market, PremiumPress offer suitable price and we checked many companies and found some of them offer same themes but with less features and them price was 199$ for just one theme.

Customer Services looks good and respond in a timely manner and the forum always be helpful for us and members there share them experience.

We satisfied with PremiumPress and for your knowledge we bought VIP Club Package and we plan to set about 4 – 5 themes only but we know things are changed and we found it’s that good investment that we get the full package. For you, choose the package that suits your needs, it’s up to you. Now, visit official website of PremiumPress, click here.

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