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6 Best #Tools To #AutoShare Posts On Social Media

Welcome, do you think that your website / blog visitors remember and visit your old post?! Sure No and we 100% sure about it, so, what is the solution for this problem? Simply remind them about you.

On Social Media Platforms, Reminder issues call, ‘Reshare, Repost, Repromote’.

So, What is the solution?! It’s easy one, reshare your old post but on autopilot methods.

WordPress have millions of websites that use it to run them CMS ‘content management system’ and that’s help us to find many of plugins that promote your blog posts automatically to your social media accounts.

Below we will set the most popular tools and most of them we used / still use them, so. We will set some tools to schedule posts (No. 6 to No. 4) and last two tools will be as autopilot tool, let’s start.

Please be aware that there is big difference between auto post new posts AND repost old posts, we know it’s simple to know the difference between them but some bloggers / websites admin who use WordPress think that tool like Publicize from Jetpack reshare old posts but no, it’s just send your recent post to social media accounts.

Six. Buffer App

It’s very famous tool to repost your old content BUT trust us, it’s not autopilot method but it’s very powerful to scheduled old posts

Buffer App provide useful info’s for users and it’s not just about scheduled posts and it’s show you the best time to share your post on best time that your followers / fans will be on social media.

Here are some ideas to use it like professionals:

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Set your post to publish on different days of the week(s).
Share on hot days as, Saturday and Sunday, these days are great as the weekend.
Share on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, on these days, the followers recheck the social accounts many times per day.
Share morning updates between 08:00 AM and 10:00 AM.

These ideas will be availabe in your account and some of them from our experience.

Buffer info:

Accounts types: Individual =  Free / Awesome =  $10 / Small =  $50 / Medium =  $100 / Large =  $250.

Post through: Buffer’s dashboard / iPhone app / Android app / Chrome extension / Firefox / Safari.

Buffer App, click here.

Five. Hootsuite

Hootsuite and Buffer almost the same. And again Hootsuite not for repost old posts but to schedule posts.

To make it easy to you, here are some features:

Post your new posts via RSS.
Use many platforms to share your post: ‘They are Biggest one here, no one provide these platforms as Hootsuite do’.
Facebook groups / profiles / business pages, LinkedIn company pages / groups, Google+ pages, Twitter, Foursquare, WordPress, Mixi, Youtube, Flickr, Instagram, Tumblr, Blogger, StumbleUpon
Track visitors who use Hootsuite to share your post from your website.
In one dashboard, you can monitor activites of your social accounts ‘multiple accounts’.

Hootsuite info:

Accounts types: Free = 3 account ‘was 5’ / Pro = 8.99$ and up / Enterprise = need to contact them first.
Post through: Chrome extension / Firefox extension / iPhone app / iPad app / Android app / Even if you’re not on chrome, you can just drag and drop their icon to your browser.

Hootsuite, click here.

Four. TweetDeck

We love it and we use it each minutes, it’s time saver for us.

TweetDeck is official tool from Twitter and they create it to help any one to use Twitter anywhere and it’s great for marketers / bloggers. The apperance of TweetDeck look likes the Hootsuite dashboard but we believe that they didn’t copy/paste from each others.

You can monitor your Timeline / Notifications / Mentions / Likes / Lists / Messages and many more. If you Twitter fan like us and your audience more active on Twitter, so this tool is great because you can schedule your posts and within one step send your schedule posts(s) to many Twitter accounts as unique tweet.

About #Hashtags and #Trend, you can monitor them on Tweetdeck but to do more, you will need to visit Twitter but it’s great to have a quicke look.

TweetDeck info:

Support: Mac / Windows / Chrome app / iPhone / Android.
All in one single dashboard: ‘as we mentioned’ Timeline / Notifications / Mentions / Likes, etc.
Manage multiple Twitter accounts.

TweetDeck, click here.

Do Not Give Up, Great Things Take Time, #quote

[Tweet “Do Not Give Up, Great Things Take Time. By: http://zvezdageek.com/ #quote #HardWork #tip”]

Three. Dlvr.it

Not like above tools, it’s totally different. Dlvr.it work basically on RSS, that’s mean, when you post new artilce, your RSS will immediatily update with this post and from here Dlvr.it work, They will grab your RSS automaticly and post it on your social media accounts.

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OK, good, but it’s simple, is there anything unique here?! Sure, Dlvr.it provide unique tool and it’s call ‘Promoted Stories’. Let’s describe it.

Promoted Stories will deliver your story ‘post’ to many platforms which they have big numbers of Readers / Followers and Fans.Dlvr.it will get your story and send to:

Search engines: Yahoo!, Bing and Google.
News website: ABCnews, Boston Globe, Boing Boing and etc.
Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.
Feeds: Inc., MSNBC and Reuters.
News: Google News, Yahoo! News and Dlvr.it.

Looks good idea to make your content reach big platforms. We think that Dlvr.it provide unique tool that no one can beat it!! Share us your opinion in comment box below.

Dlvr.it, click here.

Two. Revive Old Post

This plugin work on autopilot, just optimize the settings and every things will work automatically.

We use it. ‘In conclusion we will describe, why we use Revive Old Post + Content Reshare Pro’.

Revive Old Post is the new name but for years it was known as ‘Tweet Old Post’.

Developer of Revive Old Post was working just with Twitter but after them plugin got famous between relate plugins, they improved them plugin to work with many platforms as: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Tumbler and Xing.

Who develop Revive Old Post? WOW, really you don’t know that legend themeisle.com the creator of this plugin. Themeisle create and develop many pugins and Themes for WordPress and they really know, what they are doing.

Revive Old Post info:

Free ‘install it from WordPress.com from here‘.
Personal = $75 ‘one Website’.
Business = $163.00 ‘three Website’ – Buy it for $149 from.
Marketer = $299 unlimited Website’.

Revive Old Post, click here.

One. Content Resharer Pro

The name describe what this plugin do, your old / recent posts will repost automatically on your social media accounts.

We use it. ‘In conclusion we will describe, why we use Revive Old Post + Content Reshare Pro’.

Now, you reach to the most favorite plugin we like to use it beside Revive Old Post.

What’s unique in Content Resharer Pro?

This plugin work with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin only and reshare posts according to your settings BUT it’s have two things that we love it and for that we bought it.

One. Price:

Paid version, for just $99 you will have Pro version, but other plugins offer Pro version for higher price.
Free version, work for Twitter only, check it here.

Two. Custom Messages

This tool is very important and it’s provide two methods:

Global Messages: you can set global message for all posts like: Check this new post: / This is a great post:, this messages make your posts like reshare through human not machine.

Custom Messages per Post: as above method but just per post, in the end of post creating page, you will find in the end of page something named ‘Content Resharer Messages Pool’, just set your custom message and your post will reshare with these messages and your Fans / Followers, will feel that, this new post / you share it not machine.

Content Resharer Pro, click here.


In plugins market, you can find many plugins that help you to reshare / schedule your post(s), but not all of them work good, and we did our best to set tools that really will help.

About last wo plugins:

As you can see from above info, we bought two plugins, first one cost us $299 and second one cost us $99, that’s equal $398. So, do not think that we bought both of them in one day, no.

For years we was used Revive Old Post and after while we bought the Marketer because we own and run many websites and for someone like us, that’s mean saving. We bought it because it’s provide extra social media platforms like Tumbler and Xing and almost all plugins like Revive Old Post, just provide Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

BTW: Tumbler drive good traffic, so, improve you e-marketing on it.

And about Content Resharer Pro, we use it from 06.2015 and basically we bought for Custom Messages, it’s awesome tool to make your posts looks like that one of website team just share, and honestly, after use it, the Likes / Retweets be higher that before.

For you, check your needs and your budget. If you do not have money now, use free plugins, they work good even with less benefits.

At the end, Did you used or decied to use any of above tools?
please share us your story / opinon in comment box below, that’s help people to know what is the post and give you credit.

What's your favorite auto share plugin?

Buffer App 0 / 9


Hootsuite 0 / 9


TweetDeck 1 / 9


Dlvr.it 0 / 9


Revive Old Post 3 / 9


Content Resharer Pro 5 / 9


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