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How To Start My Blog or WebSite with WordPress on Bluehost Hosting

WordPress is our first choice to work with because it’s really make the work comfort and helpful and BlueHost is one of our best hosting providers.

We work with others hosting providers but ZvezdaGeek.com is run on VPServer from BlueHost and that’s why we recommend BlueHost for running Blog website.

Before we start, we will set short description about why we use WordPress and BlueHost.

Why WordPress?

It’s complete and free CMS with multi developers work with WordPress and offers Plugins make your work run easy.

CMS is brief of Content Management System, which is platform work as backend let you run, create and edit your content and every things on your website.

Plugin(s) is a small / large software have a group of codes / functions that add new features / tools to WordPress websites. It’s very helpful for you because you will make your website(s) professional with just click on setup button.

Why BlueHost?

Big Hosting Providers arround the world offer same features to them customers but from company to another, there are many differents between features and BlueHost (For Us) is:

  • Stable (about 95%).
  • Runing many websites even on Shared Hosting Plan (it’s helped us on our first months when we started online websites – for testing).
  • Control Panel is easy to use.
  • Customer Service is good not bad BUT you need to be calm and develop yourself with more infomations about Coding and Hosting Problems because a lot of problems will not be them responsibility to solve it. (Udemy can help you).

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Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art, Andy Warhol quotes

Guide to Install WordPress Blog on BlueHost

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First step is, go to BlueHost home page and click on Get Started Now.

How To Start My Blog or WebSite with WordPress on Bluehost Hosting 1

Second Step is, Select Your Plan and on this page there is 3 options to start your hosting plan and we can offer small tip for you: If you plan to work on one website with small data, so, Basic Plan is good for you with only $3.49 per month But if your work is bigger, so, check other options and choose what is good for your work.

How To Start My Blog or WebSite with WordPress on Bluehost Hosting 2

Third step is, choose your domain name by searching about it or if you already own a domain name, you can enter it in next box labeled by “I Have a Domain Name” and you will go through new steps to set your domain name DNS pointing to BlueHost.

If you didn’t bought your domain name, BlueHost offer Free domain name for new account.

So, what you do Zvezda Geek Team?

To be honest, we always buy our domains name from one place only and it’s Godaddy, it’s wonderful provider when we need domain name. (at least for us).

What?! that’s mean you never collect FREE domain from BlueHost.

No, we got it but only when we opened our first account.


OK, the secret is, Godaddy offer millions of coupons online and when you need to extend the domain name period, you can find coupons offer from 30% to 60% on your payment. And, BlueHost didn’t offer coupons at all, so, after your first year, you will renew your domain name with about $15 and for ever.

Hope our answer clear this point for you because no one say the truth about it or mention about it.

How To Start My Blog or WebSite with WordPress on Bluehost Hosting 3

Fourth step is about Personal Information and it’s about you for that we can only say one thing about, set this inofmation’s wisely and set them in Excel sheet or notepad for future use. And then you need to set your hosting plan package information’s and hit next button.

Now The bell sounded for the beginning of the next step.

Installing WordPress

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After finishing above steps, you will go to CPanel of you account and it’s containt every things that will run your work online.

Now, Scroll down to Website Section and click on Install WordPress button from the list, and it will take you to the next page.

How To Start My Blog or WebSite with WordPress on Bluehost Hosting 4

And then you will go to new control panel and BlueHost made partnership with MOJO Marketplace for installing WordPress and other applications. In a few second, set up your new account on MOJO, it’s free and only need email and password and after set up your new account, login with your new account. Please read below trick.


Installing WordPress through MOJO isn’t free, you will have to buy Theme for your WordPress website and then within your cart you can find option about installing wordpress website with fees cost $49 + the Theme price.

If you didn’t want to pay to MOJO and need to setup WordPress with ZERO fee, so, complete reading.

How to Install WordPress Manually

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Website Folder

First of all you need to set up the folder of your website and it’s easy to do it. On Control Panel scroll down to File Manager under File Management section

How To Start My Blog or WebSite with WordPress on Bluehost Hosting 5

After clicking on File Manager you will go to new Control Panel and you will be on folder call /public_html/, here your website(s) will run and work.

Any hosting provider let you set one domain name attach with your account BUT BlueHost offer many domains name attach to hosting account BUT beware that you will have only one main domain and for that beware with naming your folders here.

Example: when we set ZvezdaGeek.com folder, we set unique name to host ZvezdaGeek.com on it. (For security we cannot write what we call our folder, and you should do it too. Safety First). Your folder shouldn’t be the same name of your domain name, the linkng issue will set through Data Base (DB).

So, you folder should be like this: /public_html/[Your Own Name]

Now, the important step is downloading WordPress and to be sure that you have latest version, click here to download it from official WordPress website.

It’ll take minutes as the source folder will be yours as .zip folder. On your hosting folder (Same folder that you just set it as above steps above), upload the .zip folder and on top menu you can find button call extract and hit it to make you source folder unzip. (Always, delete source folders from your hosting because it’s eat your hosting space and after while you will be force to expand your space).

Create DataBase

How To Start My Blog or WebSite with WordPress on Bluehost Hosting 6

Under Database Tools you will find button named MySQL Databases, hit it and you will go to new webpage and here you will create your DB for your domain name and to make WP run.

Under field named Create New Database, enter you DB name and click on Create Database (make it unique and relate to your domain name).

DataBase and MySQL have been created and now you need to set username and this user will give you the access to DB to perform actions.

Just scroll down to MySQL Users section and create a username and set password for new user and hit Create a user button.

Set this information in secret place because you will use them many times in future.

To let this user have access to DB you just created, on the same MySQL DB page scroll down to Add User to a Database section and select the DB name and DB user from dropdown menu and click Add button.

Then in new page select All Privileges to allow this user make all changes that you will request.

Now your website is ready to run, visit URL where your WordPress was uploaded. Ex: http://yourdomainname.com/blog

You will find on your webpage, list of languages and here select your language, be careful becuse the langauge here, will be the language of the installation. And click continue button.

How To Start My Blog or WebSite with WordPress on Bluehost Hosting 7

Now it’s the time to use the information that you just created in above steps, as you can see from below image, set this information and them own field.

How To Start My Blog or WebSite with WordPress on Bluehost Hosting 8

Then click on ‘Run the Install’ button to continue.

Next step is important because it’s important information as: site title, username, password, and admin email address.

Final step is hitting Install WordPress button to make your website working and now you are ready for first login to your new website.

How To Start My Blog or WebSite with WordPress on Bluehost Hosting 9

Our work end here and your work just begun. We hope our tutorial helped you running your new website, do not forget to set your new website domain name in comment box below, to visit it and set our opionion about your website.

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