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7 Necessary Settings After Installing WordPress


Hello, after set up your WordPress website, you need (and should) do some steps and edit settings to let your WordPress work fine and to stop annoying things in the future.

We did our best to make this 8 steps looks easy for you and please beware that you follow the below steps, let’s start.

If you need help with installing WordPress On BlueHost, please visit this post which called: How To Start My Blog or WebSite with WordPress on Bluehost Hosting.

Edit Admin Profile

Content Box
It’s very important to edit the admin profile especially, the admin account will create posts and pages, because in the end of posts, there is Author Box contain information about the author and links to social media account and custom links if you wish to add them.

You can find the edit section by move the mouse pointer to top right corner and from dropdown menu, there is Edit My Profile option, just click it and WP will redirect you to profile page.

On this page you can set your Fist / Last name and choose how your name will display in public. Also, you will need to set your social media accounts links and it’s necessary to increase engagement with your readers and followers.

Please beware that on this page you can find other options and it’s relate to other plugins which edit / increase the Author Box options.

For example: we use plugin called WP Admin Color Schemes and it’s edit the WP admin platform color, it’s greate for us because we run many websites. (check this plugin here).

7 Necessary Settings After Installing WordPress 1

Default Posts / Page

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WordPress set default post and page to let you know how your theme looks like, but thanks WordPress we will delete your defaults.

Yes, it’s good to see how your theme work but many people forget to delete these default post / page and guess what?!, your visitors will feel that you are not professional at all.

Subscribe banner in Text Ads In Posts

Just visit posts section and delete all default posts (In admin area after your logging in and from left side, you can see section named by Posts, click on it and all default posts will be there, check all posts and hit delete button).

Do same above steps with pages and delete all pages.

WordPress Permalink

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It’s locate under Settings > Permalink

It’s important and please set your permalink wisely. Permalink is static URL and it’s point to specific pages on your main website (root) or to sub-domains.

Edit your URL to make it search engine friendly and it’s effect in your SEO because your URL will have your title page. But, not all webmasters like to have long URLs, for that we will share with our experience in this point, continue please.

Default Permalink is: Plain and it’s looks like this: http://zvezdageek.com/?p=123

It’s not good for you because ?p= mean, the number of page of your post, it’s not good for SEO.

But we found big website use it and this big websites didn’t care about SEO because they have big brands and maybe TV Channel or Radio Station, and they pay alot of money on Off-Line Marketing. It’s good for them to share short URLs. We not recommend it.

Day and name: it’s second choice, and it’s looks like this: http://zvezdageek.com/2016/03/22/sample-post/

/sample-post/ is the title of post, it’s great to set the title of your post in URL because your SEO will be stronger.

We use this permalink because we publish many posts daily and it’s useful for us to know when the post published. We not recommend it.

Month and name: work as Day and name but it’s set only the number of the months and it’s looks like this: http://zvezdageek.com/2016/03/sample-post/.

You can see that the day was deleted, it’s good if you want to decrease your URL with only 2 characters. We not recommend it.

Numeric: like Plain option but it’s add /archives/ in URL. We not recommend it.

Post name: your URL will have only the title of your post and it’s good if you publish 1 post daily. Your data will never be big and it’s good to make URLs short. We not recommend it.

Custom Structure: it’s yours choice, do what you want and like and we guess that previous explanation, clear the idea of permalink, and below you can find all options that you can use it to be your URL.

  • %hour% – The hour the article was published
  • %minute% – The minute the article was published
  • %second% – The second the article was published
  • %author% – The author name
  • %postname% – The post slug of your post
  • %post_id% – The unique ID of a post
  • %category% – The category a post was assigned to
  • %year% – The year the article was published
  • %monthnum% – The month the article was published
  • %day% – The day the article was published

[Tweet “I can and I will. Watch me! #Quotes #Motivate”]

I can and I will Watch me, quotes

Time Zone

Content Box
It’s locate under Settings > General

It’s not small step becasue when you start publishing posts as schedule posts, you need to make publishing across social sites synchronously with the timing of your followers.

Users Registration

Content Box
It’s locate under Settings > General

Some webmasters said it’s back door for spaming your website BUT for us it’s useful. We welcome guest posts and for us that it’s good idea to make users registration open. If you plan to be the only author of your website, so uncheck this option.


We collect all emails of users which they are registered by themselves and set them in our email list and send them our Monthly Newsletter. It’s leagal and never be spam from your side.

You can join our Monthly Newsletter by clicking here.

Comment Settings

Content Box
It’s locate under Settings > Discussion

And in Other comment settings we recommend to set the settings as the image set below

7 Necessary Settings After Installing WordPress 2

Ping List

Content Box
It’s locate under Settings > Writing

Because it’s important section, we set it in separate post, please visit WordPress Ping List For Faster Indexing Of Blog Websites

Now we finished and hope you follow the above steps and share us your opinions in comment box below.

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