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Why Affiliate Marketing is Important to Any Product

Most of the articles online highlight the money making aspect of affiliate marketing, and therefore benefit affiliate marketers so that they can generate sales for product owners.

However I would like to highlight the value of affiliate marketing for product owners, as it is an important stream of sales for any product.

Affiliates can be responsible for 6 figure launch for any product.

For example, if you recruit 10 affiliates, each with a list of 2000 subscribers and each one of those affiliates convert at 5%.

Now it is like you have your own list of 20,000 (10 affiliates x 2000 subscribers), and at 5% conversion rate that means you can get 1,000 sales. And if you earn a net of $20 per sale, you then get $20,000.

It is no surprise that most product owners have an affiliate program at place with attractive commission (usually between 25%-75%).

In fact, there are some product owners who focus their entire marketing campaign around affiliates, and try to provide them with anything they need to convert better.

Prepare to Recruit Affiliates

With such power that affiliate marketing holds, you should certainly make affiliate marketing an important cog in your sales strategy. And create an attractive affiliate program for your product.

The first step before starting to recruit affiliates is to generate enough sales for your product (usually 10 sales can be enough).

And to generate those valuable 10 sales, you can do a combination of SEO and PPC advertising (pay per click)

The goal of those 10 sales is as follows:

  • Prove your product is quality and sellable
  • Prove you have low refund rates
  • Get EPC value of your product.

Product’s quality: this is important as any affiliate would not want to sell low quality product to his list, because that will affect the affiliate’s reputation and won’t make promoting your product worth the effort for him.

Low refunds rate: establishing that you have low refunds rate is an important piece of data that not only prove the quality of your product, but also affiliates use it to project profits.

This is mostly important for SaaS products (product that charge users on monthly basis), and a low refunds rates means for the affiliate that he will keep earning from your product on a monthly basis for long time.

EPC value: it is short for earnings per click which is a term used for sales generated from PPC campaigns.

The reason why you need to show your high EPC is because many affiliates depend on PPC to generate sales as they look at it from pure business model perspective.

So for example, If an affiliate spends $100 on his PPC campaign, he then should expect a profitable ROI like $200 profits (200% ROI).

EPC is determined by how many sales are generated from 100 clicks (Affiliate earnings/ number of clicks).

All you have to do is start your PPC campaign with $100 and see how much you can get.

Now the next step is to prepare your affiliate page.

Your affiliate page should contain everything the affiliate needs to sell your product at high conversion rates like:

  • Banners
  • Email Swipes
  • Exclusive coupons
  • Your sales data (EPC,refunds..etc)
  • Affiliate competition

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Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department,David Packard, quotes

Banners: Providing banners for your affiliates is very important, as banners are the standard of web advertising. And many affiliates rely heavily on buying banner ad space on other websites.

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Email Swipes: are newsletters (email text) that are sent to subscribers of a list.

Big part of affiliates sales in affiliate marketing do rely on promoting to your list as an affiliate. And since you want to encourage your affiliates to send an email blast to their list, you then need to provide them with highly converting email swipes that they can use on their list.

Exclusive Coupons: You could create a coupon for your product (even if only 5% off) and then give this coupon code to your afflilates.

This way your affiliates will be able to entice their visitors and subscribers to buy your product, as this discount doesn’t exsit anywhere not even on the product’s website (hince exclusive).

You could even make the coupon expire after a certain date, so this way you create a sense of urgency among buyers.

Sales data: Every affliate wants to make sure that they are promoting a profitable product. That’s why providing your sales data can be a big factor in the affiliate’s dicision to promote your product.

And since you want influencial affiliates to promote your product, then you have to give them data like EPC,refund rates, sales volume.

The affiliates will look at these numbers and not only decide if your product will make them sales, but also will help them decide how to promote your product (for example high EPC means doing PPC will be more profitable and easier).

Affiliate Competition: You can create a competition where your top 3 affiliates (the ones that make the most sales) will get a cash prize or other kind of prize.

Usually you should set a minimum number of sales that must be met in order to qualify for the prize. This way you still make a profit (i.e. if you set the minimum sales to $400 then you could give a cash prize of $300, you will be making $100 profit from that affiliate).

You might wonder, why should I give prizes if the affiliates already promoting my product and making me profit anyway? Well, giving out prizes will make your affiliates more aggressive in their sales campgians and will make them even more motivated.

Start Recruiting Affiliates

Once you have your affiliate page setup and in place, you should think about how you are going to attract affiliates to promote your product.

1)  Announce yourself on affiliate communities

There are many forums out there that allow you to announce your affiliate program, these communities are closely watched by 1000s of affiliates who are looking for a product to promote.

  • JVNotifyPro.com
  • A Forum in your niche, see if they have a JV section.
  • Your product’s payment processor (usually allows you to place your product in their affiliate marketplace).
  • Contact bloggers in your niche.

There are many bloggers in your niche who are not affiliates, but they do have good authority and traffic. You can contact them and pitch your affiliate program to them.

You should always look for blogs that collect opt-in leads on their site, and tell them to do an email blast promoting your product.

One way to find those bloggers is to Google search (NICHE “subscribe” “2 comments”)

Why Affiliate Marketing Important Any Product1

Replace NICHE with your keyword, and replace “2 comments” with 0,1,2,3,4,5 …etc

Go through the search results one by one and find around 50 potential blogs.

Once you have your list of potential bloggers, you should contact them.

Now you can use their contact form to pitch your affiliate program, or find them on social media (Twitter,Facebook) and contact them there.

I prefer contacting bloggers on social media because people don’t always check their website’s email regularly and you have a better chance of finding them online on Twitter for example.

After Recruiting Affiliates

There are 2 categories of products at this point.

Products that have not yet gone live, many product owners prefer recruiting affiliates prior to selling the product.

This gives the affiliates a room to prepare for the product launch and create hype for it

Some of these hypes include telling their list subscribers that there will be only X num of copies that will be available (scarcity sells).

Products that are live, if your product falls in this category then you can create a mini launch.

Mini launch can be in form of limited time discount, this will give your affiliates a chance to tell their list subscribers that after X number of days the discount will end (also utilizing the scarcity concept).

When your Affiliate Recruiting Campaign Ends

As a product owner you should always communicate with your affiliates, making changes to your product if your affiliates requests so.

Also keeping in touch with your affiliates (preferably via Skype) is a gold mine for you, because in your next product you can always rely on them to launch and generate sales for your product.

This will save you the effort of starting to recruit affiliates all over again.


Affiliate marketing is a valuable tool in the online marketing world, whether it is from product owner perspective or from the affiliate’s perspective. It is always a great way to make money online.

And with the sheer volume of affiliate marketing courses (like this course http://affset.com/) and tips out there, you can always count on the certainty of finding affiliates to promote your product.

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