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Top Solo Ads Strategy for Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketers always seek new ways to get traffic to their websites, because the more traffic you can get to your product review pages the more sales you can potentially make.

Beside the more commonly known traffic generation methods like SEO and Paid ads, there is a less-known method to get traffic to your affiliate website which is called Solo ads.

Solo ads are email lists rented by the owner to another marketer so he can send newsletter to the list subscribers.

You can imagine how powerful it is to tap into someone else’s list and start promoting your affiliate product to targeted readers who could be potential buyers (because quality lists will include buyers’ leads).

There are many benefits for solo ads in affiliate marketing, beside getting targeted traffic.

Rapidly Build Your Own Email List

There are many cases where you would want to use solo ads to build your email list instead of directly selling your affiliate product.

Case #1: if you are selling a high priced product then it would be better to gather the emails of potential buyers and build a trusting relationship with them first before pitching your affiliate product to them. This will result in better affiliate sales numbers.

Case #2: if you want to promote multiple affiliate products that are complementary to each other, then you can send an email blast to your subscribers and pitch one product as main and the other as upsell.

Unlike product review pages, selling 2 products in one solo ad email blast is more natural and people don’t get annoyed by it much.

When you have an authority and trust relation with your subscribers, they become more willing to hear about your product recommendations not like your blog visitors who read your reviews, but most of them are first time visitors (so no trusting relationship was established).

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Directly Selling Your Affiliate Product

If your affiliate product is already popular and you are sure of its quality and reputation then you could try selling it directly from your solo ad.

Selling your affiliate products directly from your solo ad doesn’t necessarily mean to just put your affiliate link in the email body and pitch the product inside the email. No, don’t do that because sales conversion rates are higher in product review pages than inside email messages.

However, it is better to introduce a problem that the niche suffers from and offer the product as a solution in your email message, and then direct the readers to your product review page.

And from within your review page you can better highlight the strengths of the product with copywriting and adding the relevant screenshots and videos for the product.

Creating a Buzz for Your Affiliate Offers

If the product you are promoting is launching on specific date and it has many affiliate marketers lining up to sell it when it’s launched, then it would be better for you to collect email leads at least 2 week before the product is launched.

This gives you time to hype the product and prepare your mailing list by getting them into the mood of buying.

Creating a buzz using email marketing helps create brand recognition.

For example if you are promoting a new product, then the level of trust on this product is naturally low since no one has tried it before.

Sending out email newsletters and mentioning your affiliate product in there can help make it known to your list and even make them go and search for product reviews.

This could also lead to viral spreading of the product name, since many people will go out in forums and ask fellow members if they have heard of the product before.

And if the product has generated some sales before, then some of those buyers could leave a good comment on the product which can help you as an affiliate when you promote the product yourself.

Budget Friendly

Affiliate marketing converts well with paid advertising campaigns, and if you have a budget to spare then you should most definitely consider running a solo ad campaign and see what results you can achieve with it.

Traditional online advertising channels like banner ads are very costly and sometimes less effective because you don’t get to target your ad to your specific niche segment; instead you are targeting the whole niche even if some of the niche’s segments are not relevant to your affiliate product.

Solo ads on the other hand are very cheap to run and you only pay for the clicks generated to your link, which could be your affiliate link or link to your product review page.

The average price for a solo ad is $50 for 300 clicks, so if you are making $40 affiliate commission per sales on your product and made 3 sales out of 300 clicks then you make a total $120 profit or $70 net profit.

That makes solo ads very effective in terms of ROI (return of investment) which allows you to re-invest your profits in another solo ad campaign and scale up your affiliate sales while at the same time testing various email copy variations.

Test your Product Review Pages

If you have your own email list that you want to promote your affiliate product to but not sure if your review page is converting enough, then you could use the help of solo ads.

You could buy 500 solo ads clicks and send them 2 variations of your email subject line and body and 2 variations of your product review pages.

And once you know which one performs better, you can then invest more money and time in promoting the working variation.

Testing in affiliate marketing is the virtue of successful affiliates, and the best thing about solo ads is that they allow you to run unlimited number of tests at relatively low budget without blindly committing to one unproven promotion strategy.


Many affiliate marketing courses offer in-depth details on running solo ads campaigns, and many top affiliate marketers depend on solo ads for generating most of their affiliate income.

But you have to remember that as an affiliate marketer you should be trying multiple traffic generation methods that are mentioned in hundreds of affiliate blogs and courses out there like affset.com.

Don’t stick to just one strategy because there are many ways to generate traffic to your affiliate website that you shouldn’t miss out on.

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