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Udemy platform is not the only platform which offer online courses but there are many platforms like it but on Udemy you can have exclusive courses and for FREE.

With systems as varied as Khan Academy, Udacity, Coursera, and edX, learners can sign up for just about any program that sparks curiosity, and often free. But how about learners who also need to talk and share their expertise?

Whereas systems like Coursera and edX curate programs from universities, and Udacity and Khan Academy sponsor their own content, Udemy (free) is exclusive since it allows any consumer to do something as either learner or instructor.

An open up invitation to instructors has allowed Udemy to amass an enormous catalog of courses, in regards to a third which are totally free. The income raised by the additional two-thirds has produced some users wealthy. Not everyone can get such material riches; nevertheless, Udemy may allow the right kind of user to supplement his or her existing income.

Udemy offers self-paced courses. Classes are brief, solitary, and lack customized feedback or a feeling of cohort. Students get little in the form of accreditation, conserve a Certificate of Completion, that they may share via social media.

Udemy courses are split into sections and lectures. Lectures could be video micro-lectures, but they can include audio also, text, and presentation slides. From Sidebars, you can go to materials, lesson notes and conversation threads, every training course has a squeeze page with a program description (nearly a syllabus), reading user reviews, and frequently a video introduction.

As you can see, that our website include Affiliate Marketing & SEO sections, for that, we already joined Udemy to join Free & Paid courses to increase our knowledge and that’s gave us big opportunity to can access the platfrom and courses of Udemy.

Below we will set our opinion and Udemy platform, just continue reading.

Udemy Courses Platform

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Udemy courses platform has many changes through last years and nowadays, you can find all courses by clicking the “Courses” link from top menu on the left side ‘which it’s become more easier than before’.

After clicking on Courses link, you will go to “My Courses” page and it’s include all your courses but it’s some poor page because you can sort the courses by: “Favorites / In Progress / Not Started / Completed / Archived” and also you can sort your courses by: “Recently Enrolled / Title: A-to-Z / Title: Z-to-A / Completion: 0% to 100% / Completion: 100% to 0%”

But where the sort by Category, we need to sort the courses by SEO category or Fitness category, it’ll be more effective.

Udemy work on MOOCs platform. MOOCs coined by Dave Cormier in 2008. MOOCs is Massive Open Online Courses. MOOCs invite unlimited participation via the Web. Due to their level, MOOCs must provide a different sort of education. Because there are a wide variety of types of MOOCs, including the ones that seek to replicate traditional classes (xMOOCs), promote connectivist philosophy (cMOOCs), and allow vocational teaching (vMOOCs), it could be difficult to judge their pedagogical efficacy.

Udemy can be unique in the level of its platform. You can evaluate courses by groups / categories as wide-ranging as Health / Graduate Entry Examinations.

From there, you can filtration system classes based on language, cost, instruction level, and features (such as for example classes that consist of quizzes). For example, we came across 117 courses obtainable in the humanities.

Looking for free courses, nevertheless, quickly trimmed the list: Many classes were coming in at less than 50$, with thirty listed free of charge.

Within the Affiliate Marketing, we came across that a large proportion (106) of classes had been listed as befitting all instruction levels, with just one program suggested for advanced learners.

Now, let’s talk about real course that and we collect it and set it on our To Do list to finish it later, it’s called “22 Weird Tricks To Get Your Emails Opened”.

After enroll to course you can access to all materials and on main menu of course you will find this sections: Overview / Course Content / Q&A / Bookmarks / Announcements / Options.

Overview: it’s include Recent Activity such as: Recent Questions and Recent Instructor Announcements, also, there are info’s about course like numbers of Lectures and Students and long Description about the course and who is(are) Instructor(s).

Course Content: it’s include the main sections of the course and the all lessons of the course. No rule about the numbers of sections and lessons, it’s relate to the instructor(s).

Q&A: it’s your section, check old questions from other members of course or you can set your questions.

Bookmarks: when you watching lectures / videos, you can save moments of a course to recheck it later, and under Bookmarks section, you will find your bookmarks. (It’s great tool).

Announcements: it’s instructor section, when instructor need to announce about updates / new videos, etc… all of this announcements will be in this section.

[Tweet “I definitely wanted to earn my #Freedom. But the primary motivation wasn’t making money, but making an impact. #SeanParker”]

I definitely wanted to earn my freedom. But the primary motivation wasn't making money, but making an impact, Sean Parker quotes

How Can You Find The Programs That Are Excellent For You ?

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Intro Video: View the intro video: This is actually the pitch from the writer and it will also provide you with a good insight into both style and this content of the course.

Curriculum: Browse the ‘Course Curriculum’ to ensure it addresses what you need to learn.

Pre-Requisites: Browse the ‘Course Requirements’ & ‘Focus on Audience’ to be sure you possess the pre-requisite abilities & equipment (many classes on Udemy are made to take you from newbie to ‘pro’ & most do not require special equipment).

Free Preview: You may preview any section of the program for five minutes – this is ideal for checking if you want the teacher’s style.

Reviews on Udemy: Browse the testimonials / reviews on Udemy, so take them with a pinch of salt, especially the single line “This is the best course in the world”.

We heard that some of this reviews on Udemy are fakes and it’s paid reviews, how?! we do not know But we believe that there are fake things in our world and Udemy not paradise, so, becareful.

Author Evaluations: If the program is new, browse the evaluations of the author’s various other courses.

Check it out!: Udemy includes a thirty day money day back again guarantee. So that you can buy the training course and if, after the 1st few lectures you are feeling that it’s not fit for you, you can demand a complete refund.

Note that is a ‘great faith’ arrangement. Users that take the whole course and then request a refund may find that it is denied, especially if they’ve carried out that repeatedly.

Customer Support

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Udemy’s site design is sleek and contemporary looking, but it requires a little adjustment to get accustomed to it.

They have changed the familiar Contact Us tab with a little question tag in the part of the web page. This opens to a windows that enables you to search your issue with keywords.

In the event that you still can’t discover the answer you considering, you can email the business out of this dialogue box.

Honestly, we didn’t used the contact us section till now but we heard that the support team didn’t reply to email and if they reply, the answers are not complete, so, please becareful with 100%, before you buy any courses on Udemy to make the connections with support team in lower level.


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  • A massive and diverse catalog of self-paced on the web courses, a lot of which are free.
  • Enables professionals to talk about or sell their experience through courses.
  • Users may learn or train via one intuitive user interface.
  • Complementary certificates of completion.


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  • Many programs are so brief they are effectively tutorials.
  • Free programs constantly seek to upsell users to paid offerings.
  • Inadequate assessment.
  • Limited video language and language support.
  • Content needs even more careful vetting.
  • Might not visit the depth you wanted.


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Udemy is great learning platform like many others but it’s have nice and clear platform. The platform not having many tools but it’s work good.

Courses on Udemy are good and some of them are great, but at all, you will have great lessons to imporve you skills. Some courses made for Up Sells only or to be fair, to increase the profits for instructors when the course price is low as 10$ / 20$.

Ex: Fitness courses, it’s offer great moves, tips but some of them set one or two offers with affiliate links for instructors, for us, it’s not bad but set more info’s for students. (It’s our opinion).

Customer support maybe not good to support you as we heard, for that, do your homework as we mentioned above before buying any course to make the connections in zero level.

Now, it’s your turn to check Udemy courses to improve your skills, click here.


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