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Coursera Reviews

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Coursera Reviews

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Coursera founded in Spring 2012 simply by professors Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng of Stanford University.

Coursera has steadily accumulated a catalog of hundreds of courses from elite institutions, which range from Yale University to MoMA. Unlike Khan Academy, which targets K-12 education, edX, which suits the sciences, and Udacity, which prioritizes vocational teaching.

Coursera has a vast catalog suitable to computer scientists and artwork historians alike.

Coursera offers two kinds of self-education (on request) and dated classes, but make no mistake:

These classes do not replace traditional courses. The discussion forums are as good as their directors, evaluation is mediocre at best, and students have little or no contact with their teachers or TAs.

While Coursera offers verified completion certificates (surcharge) and specializations (sequences of courses, plus a final project), students will not receive the powers they would in a traditional setting.

Neither will those learners shoulder the expenses of a normal institution. For the present time, at least, Coursera uses a freemium model in which classes students audit for free or pay a small fee to participate in certification programs.

Whether this changes when this for-profit business needs to produce income remains to be observed. (For the present time, Coursera is well backed by many rounds of capital raising fundraising).

To call Coursera programs “online courses” is relatively misleading. Coursera classes do possess top features of on-line education, including discussion boards (frequently moderated by faculty and teaching assistants); machine-graded multiple-choice assessments (what Coursera calls Quizes); rubric-guided peer assessments; and, of program, video lectures (typically split into segments of twenty moments or less).

Nevertheless, unlike an online training course, Coursera courses usually do not need prerequisites, so anyone can enter anytime prior to the course ends. This open invitation could be a boon, since it invites a variety of non-traditional college students with different perspectives; nevertheless, by the same token, in addition, it implies that instructors cannot neglect certain degrees of competency.

Moreover, beyond an extremely limited pilot system, Coursera courses aren’t recognized at their house institutions.

Instead, Coursera and rivals such as edX and Udacity can be better understood as MOOCs. MOOCs “Massive Open Online Programs,” invite unlimited participation via the Net.

Due to their level, MOOCs must provide a different sort of education. Because there are a wide variety of types of MOOCs, it could be difficult to judge how effective they are.

Coursera Platform

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Coursera currently offers the largest most varied collection of online courses. At last check, there have been +1000 courses obtainable from +115 partners world-wide.

Those courses can be found in multiple languages, From the Courses page you can simply narrow your options via category.

For example, there are a robust 136 classes in the Humanities and 40 in the innovative arts. Numbers are amazing in other fields, as well: There are +100 classes in Info, Tech, and Style and +55 in Software Engineering. Since the Coursera courses portfolio increased by twenty as part of our tests, there should be still more options by the time you finish complete reading our review.

Our survey shows that huge and prestigious institutions create most programs. For instance, faculty at UVA, UNC Chapel Hill, Yale, and U Michigan which was produced the 1st five Humanities courses.

In case you are interested in a specific institution, you can arranged your categories and search a specific institution’s offerings. Sometimes all classes could have closed.

For instance, when we searched for Princeton, we came across three closed sessions; in the mean time, an UPenn search located three open classes with two addition sections planned for the fall.

Results will show whether you may sign up for a verified certificate system, which entails a little fee. Otherwise, you might audit all classes free of charge.

Alongside traditional timed classes, which typically range between six and 10 weeks, Coursera in addition has begun to test out self-paced On-Demand courses. Because you can enroll anytime, On-Demand courses have a tendency to lack the community forums and the feeling of community you will probably find with a normal timed class. Additionally, there are far fewer of these: There have been +35 within our last count.

Coursera Courses Includes

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  • An introduction/syllabus and a simple outline of components the program will discuss.
  • A set of lectures, ranging from 3-6 videos, that are every 20-30 minutes each, which introduce basic concepts and problems. College students can discuss troubles in the Forum.
  • A problem (set / assignment / quiz) is required to submit that strengthens the material introduced into the videos. Some courses allow conversation in the forum concerning these topics, others usually do not.
  • Your assignment quality will get to you the next week, and a new group of lectures are released. The same procedure is repeated again.
  • At the end of the course (usually 8-10 weeks), your final examination is given. These examinations are flexible (you may take the examination in a certain selection of days), and count towards the ultimate grade alongside quizzes, assessments, and problem sets.

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If you are thinking about taking a Coursera training course, our advice is really as follows.

Select the right course

This is crucially important, in order that you should maximize learning and enjoyment, it is necessary, so you can pick a course both of you enjoy and know you’ll get a whole lot out of.

Spend time on the course

Think about the course much less a recreational activity, but just like a class in college. Like any regular course, courses require focus, review, and studying.

Review old materials

Without reviewing old materials, taking the Ultimate Exam will be very much harder, and you may not have the ability to maintaining the basic concepts.

Ask Questions

Coursera’s Discussion board is an excellent place for learners to ask queries and discuss the video clips before taking exams. In case you have questions, make sure to inquire further – teachers also go over the posts and solution appropriately.


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  • Prestigious partners: Coursera is contractually obliged to admit members to the platform of the prestigious Association of American Universities or five best universities in countries outside the United States.
  • Wide course offering: Thanks to its partnership model, Coursera was quickly able to offer a wide selection of courses at the University of Edinburgh Equine Nutrition at Johns Hopkins University School of Education’s Engaging Students through Cooperative Learning.
  • Multilingual offering: From July 2012, the Swiss Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne announced it would partner with Coursera to offer French MOOCs. Since then he added Coursera courses in Spanish, Chinese and Italian.
  • Signature Track: Coursera Signature Track allows the student to obtain a certificate recognized by a price (between 30$ and 100$) for a selection of courses. .Unlike additional courses where in fact the only necessity is usually to enter a valid email, Signature Track students offer Coursera with proof identity and so are monitored via their particular typing pattern.
  • Courses for credit: Coursera works with the American Council on Education College Credit Recommendation Service for approved credit recommendation (5 courses approved in May 2013) university courses.


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  • No content curation: Coursera depends on prestigious university companions for its courses. It does not appear however to be exercising quality control on the courses. The pedagogy and the creation value of this content can all vary significantly in one to the next.
  • No curriculum: Coursera offers very different courses from prestigious resources but so far did nothing at all to organise those classes into coherent curriculums.
  • No corporate backers: Unlike Udacity, Coursera hasn’t sought corporate backing because of its courses, relying on the prestige of its university companions to attract individuals instead.
  • No certificates: Not the option is offered by all courses of being awarded a certificate of completion.


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Coursera gives high-quality education free of charge, and it offers made plenty of partnerships with high-rating universities to substantiate that claim.

For customers looking to continue their education after their own pace, Coursera is a great choice, remember that don’t assume all course is totally free, and unless a problem you encounter is particularly addressed on their online forums, you might be waiting longer than expected for a response. Now, the review is finished and it’s your time to visit the officila website of Coursera, click here.

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